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Zinc Oxid

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Zarrin Pooshesh Trading Company

Zarrin Pooshesh Trading Company has started its activity in the field of selling chemicals, having an experienced and professional management and team has turned this company into a reputable and well-known trading company in the field of selling products such as zinc oxide, conveyor belts and also Chemitac & Chemosil adhesives.

Comply with all international standards

Using advanced machinery and laboratory equipment and specialized and efficient manpower

Highest Quality

in engineering and industrial production, quality control and quality engineering

 Research and Development(R&D)

Technical research and development 

Why Zarrin Pooshesh Trading

Zarrin Pooshesh commercial products with the  highest quality and complying with all international standards


improves its condition

Zarrin Pooshesh Trading 

At Zarrin Poosheh Trading, we are constantly doing researches

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