About Us

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are performed by a team of people

-Adam Lambert

About Us

Zarrin Pooshesh Trading

Zarrin Pooshesh Trading Company has started its activity in the field of selling chemicals, having an experienced and professional management and team has turned this company into a reputable and well-known trading company in the field of selling products such as zinc oxide, conveyor belts and also Chemitac & Chemosil adhesives.

Zarrin Pooshesh Trading Company, by providing quality products without intermediaries, has increased productivity and reduced production costs, and offers the most suitable and high-quality product for the consumption of producers with scientific and specialized guidance and advice, and also The company believes that it is responsible for the environment in which it operates.

  • Providing quality product without intermediaries
  • Product distribution in bulk and partial
  • Quality guarantee of goods
  • Specialized and scientific guidance and advice by phone and in person
  • Providing the most suitable and quality product for manufacturers
  • Send order nationwide in the shortest possible time